5 Surprising Benefits of Separation Anxiety Classes You Need to Know

If you’re thinking of fixing your dog's separation anxiety now that summer is over, group training classes could be just what you need.

But wait, classes are for puppy socialization!

You can’t get your dog through separation anxiety by attending group classes, can you?

Yes, absolutely you can!

Think about it, you can join groups for weight loss, for giving up alcohol, for getting fit, and for dealing with your own anxiety and panic.

And you can sign up for group training classes for reactive dogs, so why not anxious dogs?

I’ve been trialing classes for a year now, and I’m starting to think they may actually be a better option than private consultations.

Here’s why.


1. You get better value for your money

This is huge. Classes cost a fraction of the price of private sessions, and you don’t compromise either the quality of teaching or level of support you get.

If you’re on a tight budget (let’s face it, who isn’t?) classes offer incredible value.


2. You feel connected

It’s not lost on many of us owners that the condition also known as isolation distress creates a massive sense of social isolation for us.

Separation anxiety cuts you off from your network of friends, family, and co-workers. And you feel like you’re the only person whose dog has separation anxiety.

Group classes change that. You realize you are not alone in this.

You start to form bonds that run deep. You develop friendships that span continents.

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” CS Lewis

You make connections who pick you up when you have regressions. And who cheer your successes when you hit a milestone.

Connections who will love watching the video of your sleeping dog as much as you do!

Of course, you won’t find this in every class or in every class participant, but when you do it’s priceless.


3. You have accountability

The new people you connect with in group classes turn in to great accountability buddies both during and after the classes.

When you commit to actions and training in front of me and your classmates you up the ante on accountability.

There’s nothing quite like getting called out in front of all your other training friends! In the sweetest, most supportive way, naturally.

And we know from the science of habits, and of how people change, accountability is a huge factor in successful change.


4. You’re more likely to commit to a schedule

Classes run rain or shine, at the same time every week. That regularity helps you make space in your schedule for training.

Regularity is another crucial factor to develop success habits.

And there’s nothing like a class coming up tomorrow to make you play catch up on training if you’re a bit behind.


5. You have fun!

Fun? Yes, seriously! Separation anxiety training doesn’t have to be 100% doom and gloom. It is a depressing condition, but sometimes though, there is a funny side.

Standing outside your house with a clipboard and a stopwatch, for example. Who does that?!

As a group, we will always find something to cheer us up, even on the darkest days.

Separation anxiety can be a slog. But people who attend classes, enjoy the training more. And if you enjoy it, you’re more likely to stick with it.


How do classes work?

Separation anxiety training is always done remotely. Classes are no different. You join the class via video. You get to see, hear and interact with everyone else on the call. It’s so much fun.

Everyone shares her/his progress for the week. And we all help troubleshoot any bumps in the road you've encountered.

It doesn’t matter where everyone is with her/his training. Even if people are at very different target durations, that's fine. We’re all doing the same training, just with different times.

To simplify things, everyone in my class gets access to the Separation Anxiety App. The app writes your training plans, gives you a place to store your progress, and has a dashboard where you can track how you’re doing with training.

If you’re thinking about getting stuck into training now that summer is over, group classes could be just the thing you need. Find out more here.

Not ready to sign up but have a few questions? Book a quick Free 15 Minute Discovery Call with me using this link.