Separation anxiety is a panic disorder, a phobia. Your dog can get a phobia just like humans do, This is scary for your dog and is why you might see extreme behavior.

In the past, when dogs barked or chewed while left at home, we thought they were being bad. Or maybe they were mad at you for going out.

But because of what we’ve learned about separation anxiety, we now know separation anxiety dogs aren’t being bad and they’re not angry with you. They are out of their minds with panic.

Fortunately, we can resolve what was once viewed as an untreatable condition. Our solution is the gold standard method for treating your separation anxiety dog. There’s no better way bring relief to your dog and to you.

The Separation Anxiety Solution

SubThreshold is at the forefront of separation anxiety treatment. Our innovative method uses pioneering techniques, underpinned by the foremost thinking in canine anxiety.

With cutting-edge technology to maximize the progress, we use exposure therapy principles to gradually get your dog used to increased doses of being alone. On top of that we’re skilled counsellors, ready to coach you, and your dog, through to resolution.

For optimum results, separation anxiety is best treated remotely, and we have clients in Canada and around the world.

Does Your dog have separation anxiety?

The Story

I’m Julie and I’m a self-confessed separation anxiety geek. When my dog, Percy, developed separation anxiety I became a woman on a mission – determined to cut through the swathes of incorrect advice to find how to fix it. Having successfully resolved his separation anxiety, with little support and lots of judgment, I founded SubThreshold Training™ with the vision of pioneering treatment for separation anxiety.

I apprenticed with the world’s leading force-free, evidence-based trainer, Jean Donaldson. And graduated with Honors from Jean’s Academy for Dog Trainers (CTC) I’m also a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) having studied with leading expert Malena Demartini’s separation anxiety program. I work solely with separation anxiety cases, so if you’re looking for a specialist, here I am!

Prior to SubThreshold, I was an international business consultant and performance coach. I coached hundreds of company leaders and employees. And helped them to achieve exceptional results.

These coaching skills come in very handy as I now get to combine my deep coaching expertise with my passion for separation anxiety training. This makes me different from other trainers.

With me, you’re not just working with a dog trainer. You’re working with someone who knows how to get you results.

It can be hard to stay the course with separation anxiety training (I’ve been there!). But I’m here to coach you through it.

I love dogs so much that in my spare (!) time I’m on the Board of Directors of her local SPCA.. I also run classes for them and advise on training and behaviour issues.

I’m lucky enough to live in the Canadian Rockies (luckily, I like cold) with my husband, my recovered separation-phobic dog, Percy, Percy’s sister India, and Tex the rescue from Houston.

Julie Naismith

The Separation Anxiety Coach


Percy Penny

Head of Dog Experience

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