Chocolate labrador on red sofa with kong toy

Which is harder: separation anxiety or aggression?

This week I took a heartbreaking call. The owner’s dog had separation anxiety. And the dog had recently developed some issues with other dogs. This new development meant that she was concerned about leaving her dog at daycare. But of course, she couldn’t leave him at home, either. Oof, what a tough one! Having to

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Separation anxiety dogs at the vets: 6 things you need to do

Last year, I took my dog in for elective dental treatment. While he’s long recovered from his separation anxiety, I’m always wary of situations that might cause regressions. Vet visits – especially those involving treatment – can be scary for any animal, let alone a separation anxiety dog. When you have a dog with separation

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Cockapoo dog on sandy beach

How To Vacation When You Have a Separation Anxiety Dog

Now we’re in the depths of winter, many of us are dreaming about (or already planning) a sunny getaway.  But, when you have a separation anxiety dog, vacations can be tricky. Some people even put off trips because they feel as though there are no options. However, I’m here to tell you that with a

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Chocolate lab

Are we seeing a worrying trend in canine anxiety?

It’s hard to miss the headlines. There’s a human anxiety epidemic, we’re told. Our species becomes more anxious with every decade, commentators write. Some trainers say the same about dogs. That canine anxiety is on the rise. So are people and dogs more anxious or are we just more aware of anxiety as a condition?

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