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Partying or panicking? How to be a separation anxiety sleuth

Some dogs hate being alone so much they tip over into full-blown anxiety. They’re not just unhappy that you’ve left them. They’re in a panic. But how do you know which it is? Are they disappointed you left them, or are they freaking out? It’s not as easy to tell as you might think. But there are some telltale signs.

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A plug for play

While at SubThreshold, we’re all about fixing separation anxiety dogs, we’re also passionate about encouraging them to play too. Working with an anxious dog is about more than tackling the causes of anxiety. The richer a dog’s life, the more productive anxiety training becomes.

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You know you own a separation anxiety dog when…

Life with a separation anxiety dog differs from the ideal of dog ownership many of us have. “Lassie Come Home” it isn’t.

Here are 5 ways this debilitating condition will affect your life as a dog owner, plus a few tips on how to handle the changes without losing your sanity.

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